The nature and function of Round Enamelled Aluminum Wire


This round enameled wire is made of pure aluminum with […]

This round enameled wire is made of pure aluminum with insulation. Electromagnetic wires are used to exchange electrical energy with magnetic energy and have good chemical properties.

Properties: (a) good thermal stability, (b) excellent mechanical properties such as low resilience and scratch resistance, (c) excellent heat resistance, refrigerant, and solvent resistance, (d) uniform insulation properties, and (e) high breakdown voltage, etc. It is suitable for refrigeration equipment working at 200°C for a long time and electrical equipment subject to chemical corrosion, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers and epoxy cast transformers, iron removers, electromagnets, and other mechanical and electrical equipment.

The product has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, adhesion, electrical properties, and solvent resistance, and is widely used in various motors, electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunication equipment, and home appliances.

Used in handicrafts, their special color and physicality determine the nobility and elegance of handicrafts. The articles weaved have a long history, are not dry or cracked, stainless and not rotted, bronze nostalgia, lifelike, generally small in size, can be placed on a desk or shelf, so it is also called shelf treasure, the art of life, and treasured auspiciousness. Objects are an art form that involves a wide range of areas and is used in various environmental decorations. It plays an important role in serving society and beautifying the environment.

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