Features and uses of Round Enameled Copper Wire


This is an enameled wire with a round copper conductor. […]

This is an enameled wire with a round copper conductor. It is an important part of electrical windings.

Characteristics: (a) good electrical properties, such as fewer pinholes under high pressure; (b) resistance to mechanical stress; (c) excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance; (d) abrasion resistance; (e) Long service life. This series of products are widely used in industrial motors, automotive motors, transformers, household appliances, instruments and meters, and other industries. Round Enameled Copper Wire is the main variety of winding wire, which is composed of a conductor and insulation layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened and then painted and baked many times. However, it is not easy to produce products that meet both standard requirements and customer requirements. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and the environment. Therefore, the quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have Mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties four major properties.

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