Round Enameled Copper Wire


♦Description: This is a magnet wire with the copper conductor in round shape. It's an essential part of winding for electric appliances. This series is Xiandeng's top-selling goods and the corona resistant magnet wire listed below is the new entrant.
♦Specifications: As a professional magnet wire manufacturer, we offer a large span of wire gauge from 0.08mm to 6mm & a thermal class of 130~240℃.
♦Application: This series is used in a variety of industries of Industry motor, Auto motor, Transformer, Household appliances,  Instruments, and meters, etc.
♦Properties: (a) good electrical properties like few pinholes under high voltage, (b) resistance to mechanical stress, (c) excellent heat, chemical, solvent resistance, (d)  abrasion resistance, (e) long thermal life and  (f) long corona resistant life for model EI/AIWCR/200, etc.   


Product ModelInsulation TypeThermal ClassWire Gauge AWGNational StandardIECStandardNEMA StandardApplication
PEW/130Polyester130℃ (B)0.08-6.00mm (4-40)GB/T 6109.7IEC 60317-34- Household appliance, Transformer,
Industry motor
PEW/155Polyester155℃ (F)0.08-6.00mm (4-40)GB/T 6109.2IEC 60317-3MW 5-CHousehold appliance, Transformer, Generator, Power tool  
EIW/180Polyester-imide180℃ (H)0.08-6.00mm (4-40)GB/T 6109.5IEC 60317-8MW 30-C MW 72-C
EI/AIW/200Polyester or Polyester-imide overcoated polyamide-imide200℃ (C)0.08-6.00mm (4-40)GB/T 6109.20IEC 60317-13MW 35-C MW 73-CHousehold appliance, Transformer,
Auto motor,Power tool
AIW/220Polyamide-imide220℃ (C)0.80-2.50mm(10.5-40)-IEC 60317-57MW 81-CNew energy auto motor, 
PIW/220Polyamide220℃ (C)0.80-2.50mm(10.5-40)GB/T 6109.6IEC 60317-7-
PIW/240Polyamide240℃ (C)0.80-2.50mm(10.5-40)GB/T 6109.22IEC 60317-46MW 16-C
UEW/155 Polyurethane155℃ (F)0.08-2.00mm(12.5-40)GB/T 6109.10IEC 60317-20MW 79-CMicro-motor,
Instruments and meters
UEW/180Polyurethane180℃ (H)0.08-2.00mm(12.5-40)GB/T 6109.23IEC 60317-51MW 82-C
EI/AIWCR/200     Corana-resistant Polyester-imide overcoated polyamide-imide200℃ (C)0.30-2.00mm(13.5-29)GB/T 21707--Variable frequency motor
SEIW/180Solderable  Polyester-imide180℃ (H)0.10-1.50mm(15-38)GB T 6109.13IEC 60317-23MW 77-CAuto motor,
Instruments and meters
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