Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire


♦Description:  This round enameled wire is made of pure aluminum with insulation. And the magnet wire is used for interchanging electrical energy with magnetic energy. The series is one of the hot-sale products of Xiandeng.
♦Specifications:  As an experienced producer of magnet aluminum wire, we can provide a wire gauge of 0.30~5.00mm & a thermal class of 155~220℃.
♦Application:  The enameled round aluminum wire is specially used for household appliances, transformer winding, and industrial motor winding.
♦Properties:  (a) good thermal stability, (b) excellent mechanical properties as low spring back and scratch resistance, (c) excellent heat,  cryogen, solvent resistance,(d) uniformity of insulation, and (e) high breakdown voltage, etc.   


Product Model Insulation Type Thermal Class Wire Gauge  NationalStandard IECStandard NEMA Standard Application
PEWAR/155  Polyester 155℃ (F) 5-65 mm² Q/ZXD 03.2-2012 - - Transformer, Reactor, Generator
EIWAR/180 Polyester-imide 180℃ (H) 5-65 mm² Q/ZXD 03.3-2012 - -
EI/AIWAR/200 Polyester or Polyester-imide
overcoated polyamide-imide
200℃ (C) 5-65 mm² Q/ZXD 03.4-2012 - -
EI/AIWAR/220 Polyester or Polyester-imide
overcoated polyamide-imide
220℃ (C) 5-65 mm² Enterprise standard - MW 36-A





1. It ought to be assessed by the technical department, If the thickness is less than 1.50mm or the ratio of width to thickness is larger than 8.
2. It is recommended your priority is the size series of R2 (without *), then the size series of R40 (with *). Non-standard specifications ought to be assessed.
3. Due to the particularity of flat wire, some specifications need a certain manufacturing cycle and costs for mold.
4. There is a minimum order requirement for the flat wire.

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