Round Enameled Aluminum Wire


♦Description: This round enameled wire is made of pure aluminum with insulation. And the magnet wire is used for interchanging electrical energy with magnetic energy. The series is one of the hot-sale products of Xiandeng.
♦Specifications: As an experienced producer of magnet aluminum wire, we can provide a wire gauge of 0.30~5.00mm & a thermal class of 155~220℃.
♦Application: The enameled round aluminum wire is specially used for household appliances, transformer winding, and industrial motor winding.
♦Properties: (a) good thermal stability, (b) excellent mechanical properties as low spring back and scratch resistance, (c) excellent heat, cryogen, solvent resistance, (d) uniformity of insulation, and (e) high breakdown voltage, etc.   


Product ModelInsulation TypeThermal ClassWire Gauge AWGNationalStandardIECStandardNEMA StandardApplication
PEWA/155Polyester155℃ (F)0.30-5.00mm(4.5-29)GB T 23312.4-MW 24-AHousehold appliance, Transformer
EIWA/180Polyester-imide180℃ (H)0.30-5.00mm(4.5-29)GB T 23312.5IEC 60317-15MW 76-A
EI/AIWA/200 Polyester or Polyester-imide overcoated polyamide-imide200℃ (C)0.30-5.00mm(4.5-29)GB T 23312.7IEC 60317-25-Household appliance, Transformer
EI/AIWA/220Polyester or Polyester-imide overcoated polyamide-imide220℃ (C)0.30-5.00mm(4.5-29)Enterprise standard-MW 35-AIndustry motor, Household appliance, Transformer
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