Copper Clad Aluminum Wire


Description: CCA Wire As an alternative of pure magnet copper wire, It's an enameled wire with copper-clad aluminum conductor and comes out with lightweight and good performance of the high-frequency transmission. 
Specifications: We're a customized CCA wire supplier and available to offer a wire gauge of 0.20~2.50mm & thermal class of 155 or 180℃.
Application:The series is applied in various types of electronic coils, inductors, rectifiers, etc.
Properties:(a) solderability without removal of the film from the wire, (b) good abrasion resistance, (c) excellent solvent resistance,(d) strong film adhesion,  and (e) good electrical properties, etc.    


Product ModelInsulation TypeThermal ClassWire GaugeAWGStandardApplication
PEW/155Polyester155℃ (F)0.20-2.50mm(10.5-32.5)Enterprise standardHousehold appliance,  Inductors, Rectifiers
UEW/155 Polyurethane155℃ (F)0.20-2.00mm(10.5-32.5)
UEWSB/155 Polyurethane (self-bonding)155℃ (F)0.20-1.00mm(18.5-32.5)
UEW/180 Polyurethane180℃ (H)0.20-2.00mm(10.5-32.5)
UEWSB/180 Polyurethane (self-bonding)180℃ (H)0.20-1.00mm(18.5-32.5)
EIW/180Polyester-imide180℃ (H)0.20-2.50mm(10.5-32.5)
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