Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire


♦Description: Rectangular magnet wire is made from the base conductor in a rectangular or square shape, and the size mentioned as width and thickness. The conductor of thickness. The conductor of this series is pure copper. It has become one of Xiandeng's featured products.
♦Specifications: This strip wire series is engineered to meet a wide wire gauge of 1~65 mm² & a thermal class of 130~240℃.
♦Application:We're a reliable rectangular wire supplier for industry appliances of Auto motor, Transformer, and Generator, etc.
♦Properties:(a) good electrical properties like the uniformity of breakdown voltage, (b) strong film adhesion, (c) excellent heat, chemical and cryogen resistance, (d) abrasion resistance, and (e) excellent heat shock resistance, etc.   


Product ModelInsulation TypeThermal ClassWire Gauge NationalStandardIECStandardNEMA StandardApplication
PEWR/130 Polyester130℃ (B)3-65 mm²GB/T 7095.7--Transformer,
Auto motor,
PEWR/155Polyester155℃ (F)3-65 mm²GB/T 7095.3IEC 60317-16-
EIWR/180 Polyester-imide180℃ (H)3-65 mm²GB/T 6109.4IEC 60317-28-
SEIWR/180Solderable  Polyester-imide180℃ (H)1-40 mm²Enterprise standard--
EI/AIWR/200Polyester or Polyester-imide overcoated polyamide-imide200℃ (C)3-65 mm²GB/T 6109.6IEC 60317-29MW 36-C
AIWR/220Polyamide-imide220℃ (C)1-40 mm²--MW 38-CNew energy auto motor
PIWR/220 Polyimide220℃ (C)1-40 mm²Enterprise standard--
PIWR/240Aromatic polyimide240℃ (C)1-40 mm²GB/T 7095.5IEC 60317-47MW 20-C







1. It ought to be assessed by the technical department, If the ratio of width to thickness is larger than 8.
2. It is recommended your priority is the size series of R2 (without *), then the size series of R40 (with *). Non-standard specifications ought to be assessed.
3. Due to the particularity of flat wire, some specifications need a certain manufacturing cycle and costs for mold.
4. There is a minimum order requirement for the flat wire.


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