What Do You Think Of The Development Of Aluminum Magnet Wire?


Aluminium Magnet wire can be divided into circular enam […]

Aluminium Magnet wire can be divided into circular enameled wire and rectangular enameled wire according to the shape, but the common point is that they are all made of pure aluminum with an insulating layer. The magnet wire is used to exchange electric energy and magnetic energy. As an experienced electromagnetic aluminum wire manufacturer, for example, in terms of round enameled wire, we can provide wire gauges of 0.30~5.00mm and heat resistance ratings of 155~220℃. It can be seen that the room for your choice is quite large. You can also tell us if you require enameled wire with special specifications, and we will discuss with you the best solution for customization. Among them, the round aluminum magnet wire is particularly suitable for household appliances, transformer windings and industrial motor windings, because it has good thermal stability, excellent mechanical properties, such as low rebound and scratch resistance, excellent heat resistance, and Refrigerant, solvent resistance, insulation uniformity and high breakdown voltage.
According to recent news in the field of magnet wire: the air-conditioning industry is greatly advancing the replacement of copper tubes by aluminum tubes. At present, aluminum magnet wires have been widely used in distribution transformers and service transformers. The newly developed wind power industry is affected by cost reduction. Also began to experiment with aluminum conductors. It can be seen that aluminum magnet wires are gradually enriched in today's application scenarios where copper conductors are the mainstay.
In addition, we strictly control the quality of our products and comply with industry standards. In this regard, we have 36 years of experience in the enameled copper or aluminum wire industry, and have become the global qualification of Siemens, Schneider, Wilson and other internationally renowned motor and electrical manufacturers Suppliers, but we have not stopped, but have been innovating, working hard on the road of high-quality and perfect after-sales service, and looking forward to meeting you.

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