Enameled Copper Wire Is One Of The Medium Of Electricity And Magnetism


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We are a professional enameled wire production company. The main products are: round enameled copper wire, rectangular enameled copper wire, round enameled aluminum wire, rectangular enameled aluminum wire, copper clad aluminum wire. Today, let's take a look at enameled copper wire. The reason for the difference in shape is that a lot of practice has proved that the two have their own merits. Let us understand.
First of all, the usage scenarios of the two are different:
Round enameled copper wire, that is, electromagnetic wire with round copper conductor, is an important part of electrical winding. This series of products are widely used in industrial motors, automotive motors, transformers, household appliances, instrumentation and other industries. Rectangular enameled copper wire, that is, rectangular magnet wire, looks flat in appearance, and the conductor is pure copper. It is often used in industrial equipment such as automobile motors, transformers and generators.
In addition, the specifications of the two are also different. The former is usually a large gauge wire gauge with a diameter ranging from 0.08mm to 6mm, while the latter series is designed to meet the wide wire gauge of 1~65mm², but both are heat-resistant grades of 130~240℃.
Both have the common characteristics of enameled copper wire, such as good electrical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance and so on. Let's take a look at the recent status of enameled copper wire. According to industry news reports, the aluminum wire market is now expanding because the price of aluminum is cheaper than copper and the price will not fluctuate as much as copper. However, in fact, the conductivity of copper is much better than that of aluminum, and aluminum wire is not as good as copper wire in terms of electrical conductivity. The appearance of aluminum wire may bring short-term benefits and some usage scenarios, but it should replace the dominant position of copper wire. May hope to be smaller or have a long way to go, and may need to overcome some technical difficulties.
The above is related to the enameled copper wire. If you have any needs or suggestions, welcome to consult and order!

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