Enameled Aluminum Wire Opens The Door To The Motor Industry


The market of enameled wire industry has been expanding […]

The market of enameled wire industry has been expanding in recent years. In addition to the basic enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire has also begun to enter the public eye. So what is enameled aluminum wire? What is its nature?
Enameled aluminum wire is one of the main types of winding wires. It consists of a conductor and an insulating layer. After the bare wire is softened by annealing, it is painted and baked many times. However, it is not easy to produce products that not only meet the standard requirements, but also meet customer requirements. It is affected by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors. Therefore, the quality characteristics of enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire are different. The same, but all have four major properties: mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.
Enameled aluminum wire has excellent high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties and excellent
Freezing resistance, suitable for long-term refrigeration equipment and chemically corroded electrical equipment, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, epoxy cast transformers, iron separators, electromagnets and other electromechanical equipment that work at 200℃ for a long time.
The recent news about enameled aluminum wire mentioned: "The motor is not adaptable to enameled aluminum wire. The enameled copper clad aluminum wire has become a new generation of high-quality choice. Its inner layer has the characteristics of aluminum, which makes the weight and cost. Both are greatly reduced, and the outer layer of copper retains the strength and spot weldability of the copper wire. This composite performance has greatly improved the acceptance of use, and the copper-clad aluminum wire has been formally introduced into the motor industry."
It can be seen that enameled aluminum wire is a combination of copper and aluminum, which is a typical example of combining and balancing the advantages of copper and aluminum, making aluminum wire enter the motor industry.
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