Definition and application of Round Enameled Wire


Enameled wire is an electrical material. It is a round […]

Enameled wire is an electrical material. It is a round metal wire with a thin layer of high-strength insulating varnish on the surface to insulate it from the outside world. According to the specifications, the enameled wire can be processed into a wool thread thinner than a hair, or a yarn-covered wire as thick as a thumb. The enameled wire is mainly used to wind the metal wire of the electromagnetic coil, also known as the electromagnetic wire. Enameled wire is the main and key raw material for electromagnetic windings of motors, electrical appliances, wireless communications, and electronic instruments.

During the use of the enameled wire, it is necessary to scrape off the insulating varnish layer on the surface of the terminal, that is, the insulating varnish. The existing mechanical method for removing insulating varnish is: for enameled wires of different wire diameters, the workman adopts manual blade scraping and fine sandpaper grinding to remove the paint. Enameled wire is the main variety of winding wire, which is composed of two parts: conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is olive-shaped after annealing and softening. round.

Main features and uses of the product: Excellent scratch resistance and solvent resistance.

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