Application and performance of Enameled Aluminum Wire


The surface (appearance) of the enameled aluminum wire […]

The surface (appearance) of the enameled aluminum wire should be smooth and clean, with uniform color, no particles, no oxidation, hair, yin and yang, black spots, paint peeling, and other defects that affect performance. There are many factors that affect the surface without pressing the line, and it can be retracted freely. It is related to raw materials, paint, equipment, technology, environment, and other factors.

It was used in handicrafts by Yang Liehao, a master of aluminum art, on a whim. Its special color and physicality determine the nobility and elegance of handicrafts. The articles compiled have a long history, are not dry or cracked, are not rusty, and are not rotten, and the bronze is nostalgic and lifelike and enjoys a high reputation among the people. Aluminum artworks are indoor display ornaments, generally small in size, and can be placed on desks or shelves, so they are also called shelf treasures, the art of life, and mascots for collection. The art form of environmental decoration plays an important role in serving society and beautifying the environment. Nowadays, enameled aluminum wire has completely replaced alumina wire, and it is more popular among people.

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