Classification and advantages of Enameled Copper Wire


Technical characteristics of flat enameled copper wire […]

Technical characteristics of flat enameled copper wire and its comparative advantages compared with traditional round wire:

Today's electronic, electrical, digital, automotive and other products are developing in the direction of "light, thin, short, and small" in terms of appearance and structure design. The precision and small flat enameled copper wire produced by Jiateng, with excellent quality and excellent performance, can meet the requirements of flatness, lightweight, low power consumption, and high performance of key components.

Features and advantages of flat enameled copper wire:

In the same winding space, the flat enameled copper wire can have a larger cross-sectional area than the round enameled wire, so that the coil slot fill rate is high, the resistance is reduced, a larger current is obtained, and the overheating of electronic products is avoided, which is more applicable For high current load requirements.

Under the same cross-sectional area, the flat enameled copper wire has a larger surface area than the round enameled wire, which greatly improves the skin effect, reduces the loss of high-frequency current, and has good heat dissipation performance. It is suitable for high-frequency conduction environments.

Flat enameled wire has excellent characteristics such as small vibration, low noise, and good electromagnetic effect when it is subjected to high currents.

Under the same conditions, the flat enameled wire takes up less space than the coil of the round enameled wire, so the production of electronic and motor products with smaller volumes and lighter weight is no longer limited by the size of the coil.

Therefore, the flat enameled wire can better meet the development needs of smaller, lighter, thinner, and better-performance electronic information products.

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