Where is the magnet wire actually used?


The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is ca […]

The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is called magnet wire. Magnet wire is an insulated copper or aluminum conductor used to wrap around motors, transformers, generators, and any other electrical equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The insulating layer, which can be a varnish film or some type of covering, provides electrical or mechanical properties to the wire.

Magnet wires are used to exchange electrical and magnetic energy. The most common magnet wire is the copper insulated wire used in electric motors, one of the greatest inventions of all time, right on wheels and light bulbs. Magnet wire can be divided into broad categories including enamelled wire, coated wire, or a combination of the two.

The materials best suited for magnet wire applications are unalloyed pure metals, especially copper. Copper is considered the conductor of choice for enameled wire when factors such as chemical, physical and mechanical performance requirements are considered. Most of the time, enameled wire consists of fully annealed electro-refined copper to allow for tighter winding when making electromagnetic coils.

High-purity oxygen-free copper grades are used in high temperature applications in reducing atmospheres, or in electric motors or generators cooled by hydrogen. Aluminum enameled wire is sometimes used as a replacement for larger transformers and electric motors, mainly for economical reasons. Due to its lower conductivity, aluminum wire requires a cross-sectional area 1.6 times larger than copper wire to achieve comparable DC resistance.

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