Enameled copper wire is a versatile conductor


Enamelled copper wire, also known as winding wire or en […]

Enamelled copper wire, also known as winding wire or enameled wire, is a versatile material primarily used in applications that require electrical transmission. Includes transformers, inductors, electromagnets and other applications that require tight coils.

Copper's highly conductive properties make it the perfect metal for electrical applications, and it can be fully annealed and electrolytically refined to allow for tighter winding of electromagnetic coils. By coating the wire with insulation, the wire is protected from the current flow of itself and other wires, preventing short circuits and extending the life, efficiency, and application of the wire.

Enamelled copper wire is used to convert electrical energy into other forms of energy in a wide range of applications. Electric motors use magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to convert electrical energy into mechanical motion. Inside the electric motor, to avoid energy loss due to overheating and therefore reduced efficiency, enameled copper wire is used for the coils of the magnets, while the copper itself is used for other components.

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