What are the advantages of CCA wire?


Like most industries, the cabling industry doesn't chan […]

Like most industries, the cabling industry doesn't change immediately. As new technologies emerge, they must prove their worth over time before they can be accepted. CCA wires have long been questioned by many professionals. However, new evidence demonstrates that CCA has clear advantages over pure copper in certain applications.

CCA cable is short for copper clad aluminum cable, the conductors in CCA wire are made of aluminum and then coated with copper. For manufacturers, the process is much cheaper, which means higher profits. As a result, it provides suppliers with substantial commercial benefits compared to their peers who sell actual copper equivalents.

When installing communication cables, CCA allows the cable to take advantage of all the advantages copper offers, while maintaining a more affordable price tag and helping protect the world's limited supply of copper. CCA is made by bonding a layer of pure copper to an aluminum core. While the CCA we drew obviously contains less copper than a pure copper cable, it provides almost the same conductivity, with a slightly higher resistance.

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