Research and Application of Enameled Aluminum Wire


With the influence of the high price of copper in recen […]

With the influence of the high price of copper in recent years, enameled aluminum wire, as a new product, has replaced enameled copper wire in the windings of motors, UPS power supplies, intermittent power supplies, and other products. It has a similar function to enameled copper wire, its specific gravity is smaller than that of copper, its price is much lower than that of copper, its cost is greatly reduced, and it has excellent insulation and heat resistance, which has attracted wide attention in the industry.

Enameled aluminum wire is mainly composed of aluminum conductor and insulating paint. Due to the characteristics of aluminum and the problems of processing technology, enameled aluminum wire in my country has not been widely developed for many years, especially in the enameled aluminum flat wire. The main reason for the lag is that there are many deficiencies in the traditional wine-making process.

According to the characteristics of aluminum material, it is found that the insulating varnish is more suitable for extruded conductor varnishing. On this basis, the products of different specifications have been screened more carefully to make the use of insulating varnish more professional.

The same insulating paint has different requirements for the thickness of the paint film even if it is applied in different paint passes so that the performance parameters of the enameled wire can be better guaranteed. For example, the thickness of the first paint is greater than that of other passes. thickness.

To ensure the stability of the paint film thickness, it is currently the best method to control the amount of paint with a mold. However, since aluminum conductors and metal molds are prone to friction, long-term friction will cause a large amount of aluminum powder to accumulate in the mold, causing paint defects and quality problems.

At the same time, the mold painting process is not as good as the felt method in terms of infiltration, and the effect of infiltration affects the adhesion of the paint film. In view of the above situation, we choose the composite painting method of first felt and then mold. This effectively ensures that the performance indicators of the enameled wire meet the standard requirements, especially in the adhesion of the paint film.

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