Three World Standards Of Enameled Wire


If you produce speakers, motors or other special applic […]

If you produce speakers, motors or other special applications, our company is ideally suited to be your supplier and partner for your needs. We offer various metals with very different characteristics such as conductivity, mechanical properties, bending proof performance, temperature coefficient and corrosion resistance. We produces enamelled and bare copper wire, aluminum wire, copper clad aluminum wire, brass wire, silver plated copper wire, silver wire, and copper nickel wire, all available from 0.010mm to 0.500mm (AWG 58 - 24).

Our state-of-the-art computer integrated production technology enables us to produce specialty wires in small and large quantities with strict quality control.There is a big variety of enamelled wire types available. Our laboratory and team of application engineers supports you with technical information and evaluation of suitable wires for your products.

Technical values of enameled wire often depend on the diameter of the wire.Most important are the tolerances for resistance and outer diameter. These and other values are important as engineering support.Different standards specify these values differently. Therefore the 3 major world standards are shown:
1)IEC 60317 for Europe
2)JIS C3202 for Asia
3)NEMA MW 1000C (inch) or NEMA MW 1000C metric (mm) for North America

Under the respective standard (customized to the region where appropriate), the typical technical values are given for the different insulation, such as Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyesterimide, Polyimide (orig. Pyre-ML®) etc.

Enameled wire is an electrical wire made by copper covered wire with an enamel film. In addition to industrial / electrical appliance motors, these are used in a wide range of applications such as automobile electrical component motors, transformers and coils, etc.

Our company enables the miniaturization, higher space factors, and greater efficiency of coils with global top class technological capabilities to provide customers with great satisfaction.
Xiandeng manufactures enameled Copper and Aluminium wire (Round and Rectangular) for:
3.Electrical motors.

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