Introduction And Application Of Magnet Wire


Magnet wire is an insulated electrical conductor, most […]

Magnet wire is an insulated electrical conductor, most commonly copper or aluminum, that when wound into a coil and energized creates an electrical field. Ninety percent of all electrical energy requires modification through the use of a magnet to be useful. From high-voltage transformers to cellphones, magnet wire is used everywhere.

Magnet Wire contains specifications for round, rectangular, and square film-insulated and fibrous-covered copper and aluminum magnet wire generally used in the winding of coils for electrical apparatus. It includes definitions, type designations, dimensions, constructions, performance, and test methods for magnet wire. Our thermal class ranges from 105° C to 240° C. Available in an ample variety of product lines on rectangular or square wires with enamel or with application of insulated tapes, poly-fiber yarns, and papers.

The magnet wire is a material essential for energy conversion. It is used mostly for converting electric energy into kinetic energy or vice versa and widely used in various electronic parts. Our magnet wire business are divided into round wire, flat and rectangular wire, high-function magnet wire.There is a big variety of magnet wire types available. The different insulations are described in different standards.

Products encompass all insulated conductors used in the creation of an electromagnetic field, and extruded conductors used in the creation of an electromagnetic field.Industries covered in Magnet Wire include motors, generators, transformers, and electric vehicles.

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