Starting From Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire


Look at all aspects of enameled wire from the Rectangul […]

Look at all aspects of enameled wire from the Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire :
Enameled wire is copper wire. Magnet wire is sometimes called "winding wire". It is a copper or aluminum wire insulated with a thin film or coating. It is a general term for wires that use the law of electromagnetic induction to convert between electrical and magnetic energy. When placed in a coil And when energized, a magnetic field is generated. Electromagnetic wires are almost used in transformers, generators and various electrical components in motors.
There are many sizes of copper magnet wire. Magnet wire not only involves the diameter of the wire, but also is classified according to the shape of the outline, including rectangle, square, circle, etc. The conductor material has also developed from the original copper to a variety of metal materials, and the shape has also developed from a single circle to a variety of shapes including approximately rectangular flat wires, such as rectangular enameled copper wires.
In the actual motor winding process, it is easier to cause damage due to friction between the enameled wire and the winding fixture. To reduce this problem, we need to start from two aspects, increase the adhesion of the film and the conductor, and reduce the enameled wire and the fixture. Insertion force.

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