Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Revives Round Enameled Aluminum Wire


Although aluminum is the cheapest material among them, […]

Although aluminum is the cheapest material among them, the relationship between the deviation of its electrical conductivity is an unacceptable conductor material in applications based on high efficiency, but the Round Enameled Aluminum Wire still has value.
Comparing copper with aluminum, it can be seen that the density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3 less than 8.9 g/cm3 of copper, so the weight will be greatly reduced, but the conductivity of aluminum is only about 62% of copper. Under the design of conducting the same amount of current, the required cross-sectional area of ​​aluminum is about 1.6 times larger than that of copper. Therefore, copper conductors are used as the main conductor in applications such as conductive efficiency power signal wires, while aluminum wires can be used. In applications that do not focus on performance and are aimed at weight or cost requirements, such as earphones, audio, etc., aluminum also has the characteristics of reducing vibration parts and can obtain better transient performance. Aluminum has poor welding performance and poor ductility and other material properties that are not easy to use. Therefore, a layer of copper is coated on the periphery of aluminum to effectively improve these defects and characteristics, resulting in composite copper clad aluminum This kind of composite copper clad aluminum wire is the core material of coaxial cable and radio frequency cable. Because it has better carrier performance than pure copper wire, it is widely used in electrical connectors, home appliance core components, coils, and network signals. In the field of high-tech technology such as mark.
The motor’s incompatibility for enameled aluminum wire has become a new generation of high-quality choice. The inner layer has the characteristics of aluminum, which greatly reduces the weight and cost, while the outer copper part keeps In order to improve the strength and spot weldability of the copper wire, this composite performance has greatly improved the acceptance of use, and the copper-clad aluminum wire has also been formally introduced into the motor industry.

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