Properties of round enameled wire


Also sometimes called winding wire or enameled wire, ro […]

Also sometimes called winding wire or enameled wire, round enameled wire is copper or aluminum wire with a thin insulating coating that is wound into a coil. Enameled wire is a major component in transformers, inductors, motors, and other electrical equipment.

The insulation or topcoat used on the round enameled wire is a polymer film (varnish) made from various resins (usually polyester, polyglass, or polyamide) that provides tough, continuous protection to the wiring layer and allow multiple windings in coils that do not create short circuits.

Various types of varnishes produce different properties or properties such as:
1. High Heat Index (AI)
2. Abrasion Resistance (NY)
3. Self-adhesive (SB)
4. Self-lubricating (SL)

Round enameled wire meets temperature ratings between 105 °C and 240 °C and offers a guaranteed service life of 20,000 hours at the rated temperature. Magnet wire comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, and round. Enamelled wire with thermoplastic layer bonds the coils together for the manufacture of self-supporting coils, eliminating the need for spools and accommodating tight spaces in a variety of electronic applications.

Electromagnetic coils convert electrical energy into electromagnetic fields. This facilitates functions such as increasing the voltage within the transformer, producing sound in headphones and speakers, powering motors, providing volume control, positioning sensors, and other resistor functions.

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