Is enameled copper wire safe?


Round enameled copper wire is insulated with a thin pro […]

Round enameled copper wire is insulated with a thin protective layer, which creates a permanent magnetic field even when the conductor is in a straight coil and current is applied to the wire. Can be used in generators, transformers, and a variety of other electrical products for almost any purpose, the only limitation is the distance from the coil or power source. However, there are different types of enameled wires that differ in how thick they are insulated and how they conduct electricity.

Enamelled copper wire is generally thicker than enameled aluminum wire and is compensated for by an extra layer of insulation. Because the conductors of the wire are straight coils and the insulation is extra thick, current cannot be conducted through the wire. Thicker insulation also helps shield the arc, and it also acts as a conductor, reducing the likelihood of the arc entering the coil.

This method of insulation does not allow any moisture to enter the wire and uses special non-corrosive materials that give this wire a longer lifespan. For this reason, it is often preferred over aluminum or copper wire, which may corrode over time as moisture builds up on its surface.

Certain precautions must be taken when soldering round enameled copper wire compared to normal wire. First, it's important to make sure the metal is clean and free of any contaminants such as grease, dirt, and dust before you start welding.

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