Characteristics of enameled aluminum wire


Enamelled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire are in […]

Enamelled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire are insulated by a thin layer of enamel, as opposed to other types of thicker insulation such as paper, fiberglass, mica, etc. Since enameled aluminum wire or enameled copper wire takes up less space in the coil formation, it makes more efficient and compact coils with higher efficiency.

Compared with copper enameled wire, enameled wire is easier to wind, and the surface of enameled aluminum wire has a solid oxide film, which has good insulation effect and long life. Due to the good insulation effect of the aluminum film layer, its heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than that of copper wire.

Enamelled aluminum winding wire and enameled copper winding wire are widely used in electrical equipment due to their electrical conductivity. Aluminum enameled wire and copper enameled wire are used to carry current. In particular, enameled copper magnet wire has less resistance than almost any other insulated wire. This means that a generator using enameled copper wire will produce more electricity than generators using most other substances.

Motor coils made of enameled copper winding wire will create more motion. Transformers made of enameled aluminium or enameled copper wire lose less energy. The third feature of enameled copper/enameled aluminum wire that makes them so attractive in these devices is its corrosion resistance. Enamelled aluminum and copper enameled wire is the material of choice for circuits because it lasts for a long time.

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