Why Does Rectangular Enameled Wire Appear


In terms of coil winding, in addition to the common rou […]

In terms of coil winding, in addition to the common round copper wire, flat winding coils will also be seen, which is what we call rectangular enameled wire. The enameled wire mainly uses copper and aluminum wires as conductors.
Copper magnet wire There are various sizes of magnet wire, which not only refers to the diameter of the wire, but also classified according to the shape of the outline, including rectangle, square, circle, etc. The term "enameled wire" also refers to wires of insulating material applied to copper. Technically speaking, magnet wires are not coated with real enameled wires, but are usually coated with one to four layers of film made of polyester, polyglass and/or polyimide.
In the electrical industry, motors, generators, and transformers use rectangular wires with a prescribed corner radius. Compared with round wire, the advantage of rectangular wire is that the winding is more compact, which saves space and reduces weight. Electrical efficiency is also higher, thus saving energy.
Especially when the wire is to be insulated with enamel, the accuracy of the width and thickness and the geometry of the corner radius are essential for the defect-free use of the electrical coil.
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