What is enameled copper wire used for?


Enameled copper wire is an insulated copper electrical […]

Enameled copper wire is an insulated copper electrical conductor used in motors, transformers and other electromagnetic equipment. When wound into a coil and energized, the enameled wire generates an electromagnetic field. Magnet wire or
enameled wire is a copper wire or aluminum wire covered with a very thin insulating layer. The wire itself is usually fully annealed, electrolytically refined copper. Aluminum enameled wire is sometimes used in large transformers and

Investigate the feasibility of forming operations in the grooves of the motor after the winding process. The motivation for this method is that it requires a higher fill factor, which is comparable to the hairpin technique. However, by
using separate parallel conductors with a higher number of turns, it is also possible to reduce frequency-related losses in a higher driving speed range. In addition, due to the coating process, the quality of the insulation layer of the
round wire is better than that of the special-shaped wire, except for the extrusion insulation. This makes round wires more suitable for compression and higher voltage applications.

It is particularly interesting to perform physical and chemical analysis directly on the enameled wire to improve the understanding of its thermal and electrical behavior. Dielectric spectroscopy shows that insulation performance will be
lost during thermal cycling, especially for enamels containing PEI, while the performance of PI and PAI remain unchanged. TGA and IR analysis can not only confirm the high thermal performance of PI and PAI, but also provide information
about the thermal and chemical stability of PEI/PAI. Such research may help improve the high-temperature performance of the enameled wire.

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