Stable Performance Requirements Of Enameled Copper Wire


In addition to the size, resistance, and resilience of […]

In addition to the size, resistance, and resilience of the enameled wire, other properties of the enameled wire are all related to the paint film. Therefore, under the condition of a proper and stable enameled wire process, enameled wire is a key factor affecting the performance of the enameled wire. In order to make the performance of the enameled wire stable, it is necessary to require the quality of the enameled wire paint to be stable and reliable and have a certain process margin.

In foreign countries, in order to better control the curing process of the paint and the quality of the enameled wire and enameled wire, enameled wire manufacturers often require the coating factory to provide infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and gel chromatography of the enameled wire. Confirm the stability of the enameled wire paint composition. When quality problems occur in the production of enameled wire, these materials can also help enameled wire manufacturers analyze the problem, find the cause of the problem faster, and find a solution to the problem.

In the market, when we buy enameled wire, is there any way to tell whether it is the pure enameled copper wire? Check from the manufacturer of enameled copper wire.

  1. Check the color.

(1) Fuchsia represents the appearance of unoxidized pure copper enameled wire. By looking at the color of the game, you can roughly determine whether it is pure copper wire.

(2) For oxidized or coated pure copper wire, scrape or cut the surface with a knife, and then check whether the cross-section is purple-red.

  1. Pinch softness: the pure copper enameled wire has good ductility, if it is soft, it is pure copper enameled wire.
  2. Check the packaging. Centrally purchased the correct pure copper enameled wire, and there are some brand varieties on the packaging.
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