Professional Supplier Of Aluminum Magnet Wire


Xiandeng Hi-Tech Electric Co., Ltd., which is a profess […]

Xiandeng Hi-Tech Electric Co., Ltd., which is a professional supplier of magnet wires and electrical materials. Since the establishment of the company, our company has been committed to providing professional enameled aluminum wire, enamel wire, winding wire, enameled wire, enameled copper wire, motor winding wire, transformer winding wire.

Super aluminium Magnet wire is a current-carrying insulated conductor widely used in the construction of electrical equipment. This enameled aluminum is known for its high-performance service life and the reliability of the items used. Super enameled aluminum wire is the basic material for motors, transformers, telecommunications equipment, starter coils, entertainment electronics and winding coils. These wires have been widely used in the electrical, electronic and automotive industries. The consumption of enameled aluminum wire is large. The specification of enameled aluminum wire ranges from 32 to 18. The specification of enameled wire depends on the windings required for a particular motor or transformer.

Enameled aluminum wire is used in the windings of all types of motors. It is used to manufacture automotive electronic parts, such as car horns. There are many other users who use enameled aluminum wire in electrical projects. There are a large number of devices for manufacturing enameled wires in small-scale devices. The demand for winding wires depends on the production of motors and transformers, and motors and transformers consume the most. Therefore, the range of enameled aluminum wire is very large. Any new entrepreneur can set foot in this field well.

Aluminum rods or thick wires are purchased from the market and drawn to the required specifications on a high-speed wire drawing machine. It is annealed on an annealing device and then treated in a pickling tank to remove any traces of oil or grease. It is cleaned correctly and passed through an 8-head high-speed horizontal enamel equipment to form an enamel coating. Drying is done by passing through a drying chamber attached to the plants.

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