Motor Requirements For Magnet Wire


  1. The variable frequency motor should use different […]

  1. The variable frequency motor should use different magnet wires

  The variable frequency motor in operation will cause damage to the magnet wire due to the impact of a large number of harmonics and transient pulse voltage. Therefore, the insulation performance of the magnet wire has an important influence on the stability of the insulation structure of the variable frequency motor. The variable frequency motor should use a corona-proof variable frequency enameled wire.

  Variable-frequency enameled wire, also called corona-resistant enameled wire, anti-corona enameled wire, as the name suggests, is a special enameled wire that can withstand corona and increase the service life of variable-frequency motors. It is mainly used for variable-frequency motors, speed-regulating motors, lifting motors, elevators In the motor.

  2. Sharing of practical experience

  For variable frequency motors with power below 300kW, magnet wire manufacturers recommend round enameled wires. As for the quality of the round enameled wire, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat resistance, softening breakdown, paint film continuity, dielectric loss curve, pulse voltage resistance, and flexibility of the magnet wire. For the enameled wire for variable frequency motors, our country has adopted different enameled wires. It is reported that its impulse voltage resistance performance is 200 times higher than that of Q(ZY/XX)-2.

  According to the nature of variable frequency motors, magnet wire manufacturers paid attention to the thickness and uniformity of the paint film of the enameled wire for variable frequency motors. For variable frequency motors above 300kW, polyimide film-coated sintered wires are used. There are also polyimide film-coated sintered wires for variable frequency motors that are resistant to high-frequency pulses. Similar film-coated sintered wires have been successfully developed in my country. . Practice has proved that the variable frequency motor manufactured by the variable frequency magnet wire is in good condition after leaving the factory.

  3. Frequency conversion magnet wire came into being

  The corona-resistant enameled wire and winding wire for AC variable frequency motor and the corona-resistant enameled wire paint has become a hot spot in the electromechanical industry and the magnet wire industry in recent years. my country's AC variable frequency motor has a history of many years since its research and development, but as the main insulation material of variable frequency motor-corona-resistant enameled wire, my country only began to develop it in 1998 and is now in mass production.

  Early European and American manufacturers who developed corona-resistant enameled wire and lacquer mainly used powders of metal oxides such as titanium, chromium, silicon, and aluminum, and filled them in the commonly used high-temperature enameled wire lacquer. After being evenly stirred, it became corona-resistant enameled wire lacquer. The powders of these metal oxides are distributed between the molecules of the polymer. When the solvent evaporates and dries, after the resin is cross-linked and cured, it is fixedly "embedded" in the middle of the molecules of the polymer, acting as a reinforcing agent for organic polymers...

  With the product improvement of magnet wire manufacturers, the performance of the current variable frequency magnet wire paint has been improved, which is more applicable to the development of current motors. It not only meets the requirements of anti-corona but also improved by thinning the paint film. Slot full rate of motor windings.

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