Magnet wires are essential to power the world


The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is ca […]

The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is called magnet wire (sometimes also called motor wire or winding wire). Simply put, magnet wires are used to exchange electrical energy with magnetic energy. The most common magnet wire is the copper insulated wire used in electric motors, one of the best inventions of all time, right on wheels and light bulbs.

Magnet wire is often divided into broad categories including enameled wire, coated wire, or a combination of the two. Magnet wire types are often varied, but include the following characteristics:
1. Insulation uniformity
2. Good electrical properties such as dielectric strength and insulation resistance
3. Resistance to mechanical stress
4. Resistant to chemicals, solvents, and encapsulation varnishes
5. Heat resistance
6. Long thermal life

Any magnet wire should exhibit strong properties in one or more of these characteristics. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, the most common idea being that the current creates magnetic flux. Therefore, operating conditions are critical when selecting a wire type for any particular application.

Magnet wire typically uses 1 to 4 layers of thick polymer film insulation (in the case of four-film wire), usually with two different compositions, to provide a tough, continuous layer of insulation. The main idea is that the current creates a magnetic flux, and you can increase the strength of this magnetic flux by increasing the current or making multiple loops.

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