Features of rectangular enameled aluminum wire


Rectangular enameled aluminum wires are used as wires i […]

Rectangular enameled aluminum wires are used as wires in electromagnets, which use electricity to generate a magnetic field. Enameled rectangular or flat aluminum wire and enameled rectangular or flat copper wire are wound in tight coils. When a charge is applied, the wire generates a magnetic field.

Flat enameled aluminum wire and flat enameled copper wire have a wide range of applications, including use in automobiles, motors, transformers, and industrial machinery. Round enameled aluminum wire and round enameled copper wire are also used in smaller equipment and household appliances, such as computers, televisions, etc.

Rectangular enameled aluminum wire has these characteristics: excellent bending performance, good wear resistance, high mechanical performance, higher thermal performance, good resistance to refrigerants and Freon, suitable for windings that withstand continuous high temperature and mechanical stress, Good chemical resistance and excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Rectangular enameled aluminum wires are widely used in different electrical applications that require the conductivity of copper. The breakdown voltage of enameled aluminum wire or copper enameled wire depends on the thickness of the coating layer. The thickness of the coating layer can be divided into three levels: level 1, level 2, and level 3. The higher the rating, the thicker the insulation and therefore the higher the breakdown voltage.

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