Compression of round enameled wire


Enameled wire is the main type of winding wire, which i […]

Enameled wire is the main type of winding wire, which is composed of conductor and insulating layer. Affected by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors, the quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal properties.
We used scientific methods to study the feasibility of forming operations in the grooves of the motor after the winding process. The motivation for this method is that it requires a higher fill factor, which is comparable to the hairpin technique. However, by using separate parallel conductors with a higher number of turns, it is also possible to reduce frequency-related losses in a higher driving speed range.
In addition, due to the coating process, the quality of the insulation layer of the round wire is better than that of the special-shaped wire, except for the extrusion insulation. This makes round wires more suitable for compression and higher voltage applications. First, the current technical state is introduced, and the applicable winding test procedures and test settings are introduced. For experimental verification, a model groove was designed and built. The experimental results prove that the compression process of enameled round copper wire is very suitable, reaching the critical limit of quality, and is used for the production improvement of the coil in the motor groove.

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