A Large Number Of Substandard Multi-Core Communication Cables


The network equipment industry is increasingly concerne […]

The network equipment industry is increasingly concerned about a large number of substandard multi-core communication cables, including CCA wires, copper-clad steel, and other counterfeit Cat-rated non-standard conductor cables.

These cabling products on the market do not meet the standards and are often fake and inferior. Their existence will have a serious impact on the cabling installers and engineers who use their companies and install these products in the customer's network environment.

Although these products look the same as standard cables, and in some cases seem to have the same performance as standard cables, they are very different from standard cables, which may cause network problems and security risks.

The existence of fake and shoddy wiring products is not a new problem in the industry. According to experts, fake or non-standard cable products have existed in the market for many years. This is an old problem in the industry, and it seems that it cannot be solved immediately. Part of the reason for this is that many companies are looking for cheap network solutions, and these cable products tend to be cheaper.

Existing methods of identifying these non-standard products are not effective. The review of UL traceable holographic labels, UL or ETL lists, manufacturer part numbers, or manual inspections by weighing, scratching, or melting cables are subjectively influenced and difficult to practice. In order for the industry to effectively identify aluminium Magnet wire and other non-standard cable products, we need to find new methods.

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